FAQ Magic Show

Frequently asked questions when you want to hire the magician Marko.

  • Why book a magician?
    Magic increases the levels of excitement for the young and the old and will let your eyes sparkle.
    Magic is an ideal way to be incorporated in many ways into your event.

  • The floating tie of magician Marko Ripperger
  • Why should you book Marko Ripperger?
    The magician Marko is affordable. He will meet high standards, and offers best entertainment with a lot of charm and original magic tricks.

  • I never hired a magician before, how does that work?
    It's simple ! Just get in contact, state your date and what type of event you want.

  • How much is a booking?
    It is difficult to give exact pricing. Much depends on the duration, and what type of show you request (Stage Show or Close-up). Please consider the travel cost and special days or dates (Weekdays, Weekend or Holidays).

  • How is Marko being paid?
    You don't have to pay in advance. After completion of the show you can either pay cash or transfer the money. Your warranty: If you are not satisfied with Marko's show, it will be free of charge!

  • Are the guests being ridiculed or forced to come on stage?
    Marko Ripperger loves to perform tricks with the inclusion of the audience. This is a good way to capture the moment because you actually do the magic yourself. Nobody is being forced on stage nor will there be a guest pointed out and made fun of. It's about humor and all kinds of unbelievable stuff but never at the cost of the audience.

  • Magician Marko Ripperger with treasure chest full of magic
  • Do I have to provide anything for the show?
    Marko Ripperger will provide everything he needs for his magic show himself. When Marko Ripperger does close-up magic he is absolutely flexible and adapts to the locations and conditions.

  • How long does a show last?
    That depends on your demands. Usually, a stage show lasts about 40 minutes. For some events it is possible that Marko can mingle among the audience and do close-up magic right at the tables.

  • How ist he magician dressed?
    Marko Ripperger dresses according to the different events. Mostly in a jacket with many pockets in order to be able to surprise in a variety of ways.

  • Is it allowed to take pictures or videos?
    Yes, of course! It is a perfect opportunity to capture an unforgettable event.

Magician Marko Ripperger offers special entertainment for your events!
Upon request we also recommend the finest musicians, catering and locations.
For bookings and inquiries please contact me.