Close-up Magic

You want to offer your guests high class entertainment?
Then close-up magic with Marko Ripperger is exactly the right thing for you !

Close-up Magic with Marko Ripperger

Close-up magic or Table magic is ideal for breaking the ice and creating a nice and relaxed atmosphere among your guests. Marko is a very experienced close-up magician and can interact with all sorts of audiences professionally.

As a close-up magician Marko interacts with your guests. After a short time everyone will be amazed and amused

At your event the professional close-up magician will show innovative magic tricks, with cards, coins, finger rings, ropes, rubber bands and other everyday items.

Close-up magic for lots of occasions

Coin Magic by Magician Marko Ripperger

Close-up magic is perfect for a variety of occasions and is an elegant way to set the right mood.
No matter what kind of event – best entertainment is guaranteed with close-up magic by Marko Ripperger.

"Taste is the art to appreciate the little things" ( Jean Jacques Rousseau)
You will be excited what magical "little things" Marko Ripperger offers to you.

Magician Marko Ripperger offers special entertainment for your events!
Upon request we also recommend the finest musicians, catering and locations.
For bookings and inquiries please contact me.