Magic for Kids

Kids' magician Marko brings children's dreams to reality and stimulates their imagination. The children will become the stars of the show. A wonderful experience for the young and the old.

Kids magician Marko Ripperger and a little sorcerer's apprentice

A children's party with Kids' magician Marko is something very special. Children will experience amazing and funny magic tricks.

A glass of fruit juice suddenly appears, a sassy magic wand causes the kids to cheer, an black and with book gets colored by magic, a plush raccoon gets a magic show act of his own. And when Marko's tie starts to float then you will know that magic is at play.

With countless shows as a magician for children, Marko has the necessary experience and the right magical hand when dealing with children.

As a magician for children he customizes the magic program as well as the surrounding circumstances according to the age of audiences. Hobbies or specific themes can easily be integrated in the show (examples are a treasure hunt or a theme party).

The little ones will feel like big magicians since Marko will integrate them directly into the program. Upon request Marko will stay after the show and make balloon animals.

Great entertainment for your kids!

Laughing childs at the magic show

Marko will be the HIGHLIGHT at your children's birthday, summer party, Christmas party or as a magician in the kindergarten, school or sports club. Marko has also experience as a children's entertainer at receptions like a wedding, birthday or corporate parties

You have never seen your kids like this – screaming, laughing, happy and astonished with big eyes! Save your date and plan your next children's event with Marko.

Magician Marko Ripperger offers special entertainment for your events!
Upon request we also recommend the finest musicians, catering and locations.
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