Magic at Conventions

Do you want to increase profits and stay in the minds of your customers?
Convention magician Marko will present your product in a clever and original way. Marko will draw attention to your booth.

Visitors at the convention

Convention magician Marko Ripperger will present your product or service in a clever and original way. For example he can hand out give-aways to visitors. Also, he can gamble with the three shell game.

As a former marketing manager with professional trade-show experience, Marko knows exactly how to handle your visitors in a charming way.

As a trade-show magician Marko is getting the customers to your booth, so that curious visitors become lasting customers! The guests at the booth will never forget the great time with your company.

Contact your personal trade-show magician so you can discuss the perfect concept.
Marko does his shows at your in-house trade-shows as well as at your convention booth.

Magician Marko Ripperger offers special entertainment for your events!
Upon request we also recommend the finest musicians, catering and locations.
For bookings and inquiries please contact me.